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SWAG Students Reaching for Their Goals at the University of Akron

By Howard M. Harris, Jr.

Today, Students With A Goal (SWAG) had a memorable day at the University of Akron. The students visited the Roo Lounge, where they met college student volunteers from the University of Akron's Panhellenic Council and engaged in meaningful conversations about topics such as political science and their experiences at the University.

The visit was an experiential opportunity for the students to explore new ideas, meet with people who were currently attending college, and learn more about The Divine Nine. The energy in the room was infectious as students bowled, played billiards, ate pizza, or played video games.

The event was truly an organic experience that put me in mind of how far these trips can take our students. In these short encounters between SWAG members and college students, our youth are learning invaluable lessons which have the potential to help them achieve their goals in life.

SWAG's goal is to engage, equip, and empower its students. Today’s activities show that they’re well on the way toward achieving all three objectives. As we continue to partner with the University of Akron, I am excited to see what kinds of opportunities arise for our students as they get closer to attaining their ambitions!

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