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End of Academic School Year Celebration

It has been a long year, full of challenges and unknowns, so celebrate a job well done for our students, SWAG took our students to Fun N' Stuff in Macedonia, OH. A great time was had by all! We also included the students who participated in the Summer Youth Forums.

As we celebrate this past school year, I take the time to reflect on how amazing our students truly are. Regardless of what is going on in their lives, they show up to our program ready to enjoy life and succeed. Don't get me wrong, some times the students need a little extra motivation to stay on task, but there is not one student that we have that is unwilling to participate in their own success.

I want to take this time to mention the upcoming school year. It will hold just as many changes as the last school year. I am comforted by our students resiliency and their ability to tell us what they need and are looking for in our program. Without our students, there is no SWAG, so their voices in the day-to-day activities are instrumental in making SWAG a continued success.

Please continue to enjoy your Summer and we will see you in September!

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