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A Growing Relationship

In recent months, SWAG has worked with OpenM to strengthen our partnership. You may remember that last month we participated in the Mountain of Food Give-Away. This month we had the opportunity to participate in OpenM's Annual Cookout. It is a time for community partners and residents to come together, eat, fellowship, have access to valuable resources, and listen to amazing music.

Thanks to the leadership of Christine Curry, President and CEO of OpenM, yesterday's cookout was an amazing success! Upon entering the OpenM parking lot, you were greeted with OpenM staff and a basketball hoop so the youth in the neighborhood could play a small game of 2 on 2. Inside gym, Akron Zoo wowed the younger participants with different animals, my personal favorite being the Rainbow Snake. Hamburgers, potato salad, watermelon and chips were served to the participants (at no charge). Continuing to be leaders in the aftermath of the pandemic, OpenM ensured participants that are yet to be vaccinated had that opportunity, and was able to vaccinate 8 residents during the cookout.

I would be remised if I didn't mention all of the amazing company that was there. All of the OpenM staff , including Julie Carneal and Dan Bricker. It goes without saying that if something is happening in Summit Lake, Mrs. Veronica Sim is going to attend, and yesterday she did not disappoint. Though it was brief, it was a pleasure to see City Council President, Margo Sommerville, Shirley Finney, and Patricia Wick. Ace Epps was the man of the hour, as the MC ensuring we had great music for the entire cookout. We even broke into a line dance session!

I look forward to more time like this with OpenM!

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