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SWAG's Summer Youth Forums: Racism in Our Schools

Last night, SWAG held the second forum in our series of four for this Summer. We again had a great turnout and are encouraged about the feedback we are receiving from the youth. Recently, racism was declared a public health crisis, however, some of the voices that weren't heard or were overlooked is our youth's voice. These forums have provided a way for students with diverse backgrounds to come together and use their voices to express what they have experienced. Not only that, but they are developing a greater appreciation for the other cultures they are frequently in contact with during the academic school year.

A huge shoutout to OHuddle students for joining us virtually via Zoom for the second forum in a row! Their input in these discussions are immeasurable. We can't wait to be able to have all the participants in the same building, at the same time and have these discussions together.

Please remember, we have two more forums and it's not too late to register. Please go to our Upcoming Events section and register your student or yourself for the next forum. Transportation is provided to and from the forum within Summit County. We are also providing a meal to enjoy by the amazing chefs at NoHi.

Our next forum is July 15th. The topic will be Racism in Our Workplaces. This will be a special forum because it will be the first forum the Kent State College students will lead from start to finish. Wait until you see what they have in store for us!

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