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Racism in Our Workplaces

Kent State College students rocked the house last night! Continuing with our series on racism in our youth, the Kent State College students led the forum from start to finish. They came in with their own agenda, activities, and discussion questions for the students. They kept the youth interested and engaged.

To put this into perspective, usually the Executive Assistant, Shaunte Wright, creates the entire agenda for the forum and has a brief session with the college students about the discussions they will be leading. The activities and questions are already predetermined by Shaunte, and I will call the forum to order and start the activities. Last night, the college students did all of it.

So, why does this matter? Why is it important who leads the forums? You may recall that when we first designed the forums, we stated that it would be a youth led forum, gathering data from the youth about their experiences with racism. With the Kent State College students leading the forum from start to finish last night, we were able to ensure that only the youth was heard from. We were able to hear the authentic thoughts from some of our most valuable citizens in Akron.

The Kent State College students range in age from 19 to 22. They are still considered our youth. I want to take the time to give a huge shout out to Brianna Keys, Chazzlyn Jackson, and Tayjua Hines. All of these women brought their unique perspective to the forum last night and led our most amazing discussion to date.

We can't wait to share with all of you the data we have gathered from this group of young people!

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